Fishy’s Wonderful Shaderpack Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Do you ever look at Minecraft and think, these graphics are pretty nice. All though, I wish they were just a tad bit better. Well that is this, completely change the way you look at Minecraft with this texture pack forever.

Screenshots of some of the scenery using this shader pack.

This pack features:

-Vibrant Colormaps

-Custom sky colors

-Advanced particles

-Custom Ray Tracing

-and so much more


Hogwarts Robes Add-on Minecraft PE

Inspired by Harry Potter, we now have an addon that allows you to have Hogwarts Robes in Minecraft. Come be a wizard!

There is robes for every Part of Hogwarts, and they go on your chest similar to a chestplate. Have fun!


Giant Badlands and Villages Galore (Seed)

Great big badlands and deserts- perfect for any kind of project. Terraforming, excavation, or simply building a base, this seed has expansive views from the top of the plateaus, and plenty of villages to pillage, defend or conquer. 

Found on Windows 10, Version 1.16.201

Closest structures based on the spawn point, 

Abandoned Village: 1368, y, 152

Village: 1781, y, 141

Second Village: 1412, y, 536

Third Village: 2232, y, 112

Fourth Village: 1740, y, 1863

Fifth Village: 1444, y, 1942

Pillager Outpost: 536, y, 472

Woodland Mansion: 15912, y, -9832

Mineshaft: 1904, y, 0

Ruined Portal: 1448, y, 376

Second Ruined Portal: 2083, y, 1457

Desert Temple: 1576, y, 360

Second Desert Temple: 2378, y, 90

Ocean Monument: -760, y, 3368

Ocean Ruins: 1400, y, -168

Shipwreck: 1656, y, -104

Stronghold: 562, y, 1026

‘Swoosh’ Ravine 

Seed ID


    Kervaal’s Pack

    Everything in this pack is made based on how I deem it should actually look in minecraft.

    I tried to capture a sense of wonder within my texture pack, basing it off of RPG’s and my own sense of taste, if there are any bugs let me know in the comments!

    All items, mobs, armor and blocks are fantasy based! 

    (Don’t edit the animation files you’ll break the pack)

    (It also sports a custom UI/GUI)

    Enjoy the custom Mobs, some being monsters, and others being robots!

    Download today 

    The mediafire link is the link that I’ll be updating most often!


      Mining Simulator Tycoon Map

      Welcome to the Mining Simulator Tycoon map.

      On this map you will want to mine materials and level up to the next level. 

      You can find secret tools, ores, and even find money.

      Use your money to purchase upgrades such as new tools, ores, and blocks.

      Collect as much money as you want and upgrade as many times as you want.

      This is kinda like the prison game mode, but a little bit different.

      Mining isn’t the only thing to do here, you can also explore and find a bunch of secret areas with tasks you can do.




        BEDROCK Chunk Defence

        In this game mode you survive waves of monsters. Gain coins from mobs and spend them in the shop for better gear to survive longer.

        Welcome to the Chunk Defence.

        In this game fight against waves of monsters, upgrade your gear, and survive. Similar to zombies on call of duty, this one is very fun. Try to survive the 100 rounds / waves!

        The day is 2:30 minutes long and the night ends when you kill all the mobs, use this to your advantage.

        There is four different maps available to play.

        4 Maps / Biomes

        4 Buffs / Debuffs

        Random Ore position in each game

        15 rounds / waves

        This is only a BETA

        Not all features have been implemented



          Void Dimension Addon

          Turn on all experimental gameplay options for the addon to work




          This addon adds about 8 new blocks. Some of the blocks are for decoration, and some blocks have functions.


          Void Log

          The void log is like a Minecraft log for a tree. It is mostly used for decoration. The void log looks like this

          Void Leaves

          The void leaves are like Minecraft leaves for trees. This block is also mostly used for decoration. Here is what the void leaves looks like

          Void Plank

          The void plank is a building block like Minecraft planks. The block does not give off light. It is mostly used for decoration. Here is what the void plank looks like.

          Void Stone

          The void stone is like Minecraft stone, but if you use a pickaxe it will not change the mining speed. This block is also used for decoration. Here is what the void stone looks like.

          Void Grass

          The void grass is like Minecraft grass. This block is used for decoration and for the ground. you can get the block using /function void or a command. Here is what the void grass looks like.

          Blue Mushroom

          The blue mushroom is also a decorational block. The mushroom does give off light, but it cant be used any recipies. There is also an item. They both don’t have function yet and are used for decoration. Here is what they look like.

          DarK Flower

          The dark flower is like a Minecraft flower. The dark grass does not give off light and it cant be used in a crafting recipy. This block also used as decoration. Here is what the dark flower block looks like.

          Void Berry Plant

          The void berrry plant is a plant with function. The void barry plant is like a Minecraft berry bush. It can grow void berries. And it also gives off light. Here is how the void berry and void berry plant look like.

          f you do /function void it will give you all the blocks and items

          I am planing to update this addon a lot so almost all blocks will have a function in the future.


          You cannot repost this addon

          You cannot take the code of this addon

          You cannot take credit for the addon

          You can make a youtube video about it but credit me.


          Turn on all experimental gameplay options for the addon to work!


          For mcaddon or mcpack download

          Click on the file and it will open it in Minecraft

          Put the addon in your Minecraft world.


            Shadow’s Manhunt Addon

            This pack has a few features

            How manhunt works:



            • Speedrunners only have 1 life
            • Beat the ender dragon
            • Dont get killed ONCE



            • Hunters have infinite lives
            • Kill the speedrunner
            • Tracks speedrunner with compass

            Extra features:

            Grace period

            • Doesnt let players attack for 10 minutes
            • Doesnt let players take damage

            Manhunt instructions

            • Gives instructions for manhunt


            • Starts the game


            -To enable the addon, place down an always active repeating command block and type function speedrunner, after doing that, place down another command block and type function hunters

            -To become a speedrunner, just type

            /tag @s add speedrunner

            -To become a hunter, just type

            /tag @s add hunter


            • To become a speedrunner, type /tag @s add speedrunner
            • To become a hunter, type /tag @s add hunter
            • To enable the addon, place down a repeating command block and type function speedrunner and place down another command block and type function hunters
            • To have a grace period, type /function graceperiod
            • To get the instructions of manhunt, type /function manhunt
            • To start the game, type /function start

            Things to remember:

            • Cant have 2 speedrunners
            • Hunters get infinite lives
            • Speedrunners have 1 lives
            • Hunters have a tracking compass
            • Enable mod by placing command block (2 of them) and in the 1st, type function speedrunner, the 2nd must have function hunter
            • Enjoy the pack!
            • Installation

              1. Click the download link
              2. Click the blue square
              3. Click minecraft
              4. Enjoy!


              Eyes In The Dark v1.0

              Inspired by the Java Edition mod Eyes in the Darkness.

              This add-on is a simple add-on that doesn’t do much, but adds a different experience to your gameplay.  When the Eyes In The Dark add-on is applied to your world, you will experience ominous eye creatures that will stalk you from afar {They even blink!}. When a player looks at them, they will suddenly disappear. They hate light, so when it is daytime, or they when they get near a light level of 7 or higher, they will also disappear. They seem neutral and don’t attack the player.. unless you ignore them for too long. When ignored for too long they will become angry and will become hostile towards players. Ignore them at your own risk.

              Eyes – Neutral

              Won’t attack players, and will disappear when looked at, hit or when near a light level of 7 or higher.

              Make ominous sounds.

              After being ignored by the player for too long they will become angry.

              Spawn naturally at night and in caves.

              Eyes – Angry

              Will become hostile towards players.

              Quiet, so they are hard to detect unless seen.

              They move fast.

              They will not disappear when looked at when angry, but can will disappear when hit, or when they get near a light level of 7 or higher.

              Blinking Animations


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