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Shrink Mode Minecraft PE

In this mod you find yourself with the ability to shrink down to the size of an ANT. Explore the new world with your ant like body…

Void Dimension Addon

This addon is supposed to add a new dimension called the void dimension, with new blocks, plants, and items. This add-on currently only adds the blocks, plants, and items to the game but the new dimension will be added in the future.

Shadow’s Manhunt Addon

Ever wanted to be like dream and be a speedrunner? Maybe you want to become a hunter, well this addon is for you! Only 2 commands is needed to function this pack! Enjoy this addon!

Eyes In The Dark v1.0

The Eyes In The Dark Add-on introduces ominous looking eye mobs to your Minecraft world. They will stalk and stare at you from a distance, disappearing when looked at by a player. It is not recommended to ignore them for too long..