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Defined PBR – An Minecraft PE RTX Resource Pack

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Defined PBR – An Minecraft PE RTX Resource Pack

Defined PBR takes advantage of Ray Tracing with detailed heightmaps and subtle consistent materials.

This Texture Pack provides a rich refreshing yet simple update to Minecraft PE’s Light settings. Also known as Ray Tracing. I also made it so each block uses a consistent material so they look uniform.

The pack also tweaks particle transparencies to make them less obtrusive.

Other tweaks involved in this pack are GUI-related quality of life changes that make the animations a lot smoother.

This pack will not work if you do not meet the following requirements:

Minecraft version 1.16.200+ on Windows 10

An Intel Core i5 or better

A Ray Tracing capable graphics card (Nvidia RTX 2000+ or AMD RX 6000+)

At least 8GB of RAM


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