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How to install Minecraft PE Add-Ons / Mods on Windows 10 Edition

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How to install Minecraft PE Add-Ons / Mods on Windows 10 Edition

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to install add-ons for Minecraft Pocket Edition on Windows 10.

Add-Ons come in three different forms on Minecraft Pocket Edition. First, you have add-ons that have a file extension such as .mcpack or .mcaddon. The other type of Minecraft Mod is .ZIP or .RAR file extensions. Say we want to install a mod called SuperPigs for example. When downloaded you get a file called SuperPigs.mcaddon. This is the most simple type of add-on to install. You simply click on the file and it will automatically install into your Minecraft Windows 10 files. If it asks for you to choose an associated program for the file type, select the Minecraft Windows 10 app. Some add-ons require a resource pack & behavior pack. If this is the case, download and open both of them.

If you download a mod from our site that is a .ZIP or .RAR then use the following tutorial:

1. Start by browsing our Minecraft Add-Ons & Mods category and pick a mod you want to download. For this example we’re going to be using the Hogwarts Robes add-on.

2. This mod comes in a .ZIP format which compresses the files to give them a smaller size. To extract and open the files inside you need WinRAR. It’s free and really easy to use.

3. Find the add-on you downloaded on your computer. In this example, we are finding Hogwarts Robes. After you find the file, open it. If it asks how you want to open it, select WinRAR. In this example, the add-on has both a Resource Pack & Behavior Pack. We will go over the steps to install both of those.

4. After you open the WinRAR file, select both folders and then click on the “Extract To” button.

5. Select the location to where you want to extract the folders to. In this example, I will be extracting them to my Desktop. You can do this as well, it’s a simple way to do it.

6. Now it’s time to do the actual installing. Some add-ons require both Resource & Texture Packs. Other add-ons will only require one or the other. In this example, the add-on uses both of those, so we will be installing both.

We will begin with the Resource Pack for the Hogwarts Robes add-on. Go to the location where you extracted the mod. Once you are there, click on the folder that says “Resource Pack” or “R”. Once it’s selected press CTRL + C (or right-click on it and click copy) to copy the folder.

7. Now that you’ve copied the Resource Pack folder, you will want to head to the following directory on your computer. You will need to replace the “USERNAME” part in the third part of the directory with your computer’s username.


After arriving at the destination you will find multiple folders. What’s important here is the folder called Resource_Packs & Behavior_Packs.

Open the Resource_Packs folder and press CTRL + V (alternatively you can go into the folder, right-click, and then click “Paste”).

You’ve successfully installed the Resource pack for the addon. Now it’s time to do the Behavior Pack!

8. Go back to the place where you extracted the add-on on your computer. For our example, we extracted it to the desktop. Go here then select the Behavior pack and press CTRL + C (or you can right-click and select “Copy”).

9. Once you have the Behavior Pack copied, go back to the com.mojang folder again that can be found here:


Go inside of the Behavior Packs folder and paste the addon’s Behavior pack with CTRL + V (alternatively you can go into the folder, right-click, and then click “Paste”).

You have now successfully installed both the Behavior & Resource pack of the Minecraft Add-on. Time to go in-game and try it out!

10. Now that the mod is installed, we have to enable it in our world. In this example, we’re going to enable the add-on in a brand new world. You can do the same thing to an existing world and it’ll work the same.

11. Now it’s time to configure the world settings with whatever you want. Once done, head over to the game settings and scroll down until you see “Experiments”. You will want to select each of the 3 options under this tab to enable your mods fully.

12. Now that Experimental settings are fully enabled, you will want to select the add-ons you want to play with. Do this by going to the “Resource Packs” tab and choosing the mod.

13. Now that you’ve successfully added the Hogwarts Robes Resource pack, it’s time to do the same for the behavior pack.

14. You’re all done! You’ve enabled all experimental settings, added the add-ons resource pack, and behavior pack, now it’s time to play! Enter the world and enjoy the mods.

The Hogwarts Robes mod adds robes to the game. Go into creative mode and then search for item “Robe” and put it on your character’s chest to wear it!

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