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How to install Minecraft PE Maps on Windows 10 Edition

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How to install Minecraft PE Maps on Windows 10 Edition

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to install and use Maps in Minecraft Pocket Edition on Windows 10. Maps are so much fun and add a lot of content to the game. They’re critical for getting the most out of your gameplay, which is why we made this tutorial.

When downloading a Map, they can come in a .mcworld / .mcpack extension. For these, you want to simply open the file, and it’ll auto-install. The other extension for maps is .ZIP or .RAR. If your map comes with these extensions, the following tutorial is for you.

1. Head Over to our Minecraft Map library on MCM and download your map of choice. In this tutorial, we will be using Step Minecraft Bedrock Edition Parkour as an example, which is an amazing map.

2. Once you download the map, and you have the .ZIP or .RAR file, head over the directory below on your computer.


Replace “USERNAME” in the 3rd part of the directory with your computer’s username. Once you’re here right click and select “new” to create a new folder. Then you want to name the folder as your world’s name. In our example, we’re using Step Parkour. So I’ve went ahead and created a folder named “Step Parkour” in this directory.

3. Now that you’ve created the folder for the world, it’s time to extract the map you downloaded earlier into this directory. You can do this by simply opening up the .ZIP or .RAR map and clicking “Extract” then selecting the same directory.


4. At this point you’ve downloaded the Map’s .ZIP. You’ve created the folder in the Minecraft directory with the map’s name. Finally you have extracted the ZIP to the map’s directory. You’re now done and it’s time to start up Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

Once you’re in the game, select the world and click play!

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